To connect to any Asheron’s Call emulator server you must first install Asheron’s Call, update the client files, and optionally install Thwarglauncher.

Download the Official Asheron’s Call installer from Turbine
((If the link does not work, right click – Copy Link Address and paste in to your browser.))
Run the ac1install.exe and install to the default location.

Download the End of Retail Client Files
Drag the 3 files inside the .zip to your Asheron’s Call folder and choose Replace when prompted.

Download and install Thwarglauncher

  • Accounts for most ACE servers are created on first login.
  • If you have trouble logging in to a specific server you can join the server Discord by clicking the icon next to the server name on Thwarglauncher

If you’re playing Asheron’s Call on Windows 10, you may have an issue with DirectX. It doesn’t occur for everyone, but for those that get the popup about DirectX failure/errors, first try this workaround:

When at the Character Selection screen, before clicking on Create Character or Enter World, Press and hold the Alt key, then press the Enter key.

The game should switch from Full Screen to Windowed mode and continue to work correctly.

Once you are in the world, you can adjust the game window to be higher resolution.

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    1. The same thing was happening for me so I installed the mega cloud, transferred the install to it and then installed off of the cloud and everything worked fine. Petite to that I had tried installing like 20x and never got past 50% before the web page reloaded and I had to start over.

  1. On step :
    Download the End of Retail Client Files
    Drag the 3 files inside the .zip to your Asheron’s Call folder and choose Replace when prompted.

    There isn’t an AC folder to drag these. I’m getting the following error when trying to login:
    “Failed to establish connection to the server: (Client logon failed) 23000010:04DF9C54

    Am I supposed to create an account elsewhere before logging in?

    1. It actually looks like the issue was only with Hightide server. Does this not work? I use to play Darktide and would like the same experience

  2. I’m sure this is answered somewhere but I did not see it. Can the emulator version be played on a Mac OS X platform? I am most interested in playing it again, although my real love was for Asheron’s Call 1. Jim

    1. I’m sure its possible to play on a Mac using a virtual machine, bootcamp, or some other method to emulate running a windows program on it.

  3. I clicked alt+enter to fix the directX issue, but now the game runs only on a small window and not full sized winbdow

    1. Each server manages their own accounts. Some are created on first login and others require creation on a website first.
      Follow the instructions here –

      Once complete you’ll see that each server on Thwarglauncher has a discord icon. Click the icon to join that servers chat.

  4. The Thwarglauncher link is broken…takes me to the site but when I hit “download” it gives me a 503 error. Are the files found elsewhere?

    1. I just tested and it downloaded as expected. Please try a different browser or check your firewall/content filtering system.

  5. By any chance, is there anyone out there who can tell me how to get this thing working on Linux(Specifically Fedora 32 w/KDE Plasma)? I would greatly appreciate it; really miss playing.

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