ACEmulator Monthly Report – August 1, 2019 – September 1, 2019

ACEmulator / ACE:
7 authors have pushed 118 commits to master
143 files have changed
11,779 additions
1,826 deletions
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Notable Changes:

  • Added content export commands (/export-json, /export-sql) for content developers
  • Added /createinst for content creators to spawn landblock_instances in-game
  • Added several updates from LSD
  • Added OverRobes to clothing drops
  • Added Facility Hub Gem to early exit NPCs
  • Added the ability to create stacks and multiple objects with /create
  • Added trophy drop rate config option
  • Added SpellComponentsRequired config option for
  • Added pk_new_character_grace_period, pk_respite_timer, and pk_server_safe_training_academy config options
  • Added new server configurable property account_login_boots_in_use. If enabled and you log in to the same account twice it will boot the original client and log in on the new client. If disabled you will receive a fail to login message on the new client. Enabled by default retail rule.
  • Added some config.js.example comments
  • Added more detailed landblock tick performance measurements
  • Added OS and vCPU to /serverstatus
  • Added support for Day/Night GeneratorTimeType generators
  • Added support for Pathwarden Salvage for newer items
  • Added warning / lockup prevention for RegenInterval < 0
  • Added some debug messages to GuidManager
  • Added Destroy() for items given to NPCs that are of AiAcceptEverything type
  • Added DamageType.Undef protection / logging
  • Added command to create named object, with specified count
  • Added some random null checks
  • Added SyncLocation() for enter_world() – This fixes a bug where scatter generators were sending the wrong position to the client
  • Added handlers for weapons w/ malformed offhand AttackType data
  • Added log4net.config.example
  • Added log4net.async and support for console colors
  • Added tinkering log
  • Added RestrictionDB to house combat barriers
  • Added versioning and ArmorTypes to Olthoi Armor
  • Added immediate save to items being picked up from player corpses to avoid falling into void if server crashes before next player save
  • Added house barrier protections for PK/PKLite
  • Added handlers for hand/foot armor without damage stats
  • Added IsDead check to falling damage
  • Added support for spell projectile traps
  • Added Risen Princess weenies
  • Added UseCreateItem + UseCreateQuantity support to Gems
  • Added EmoteType.RemoveVitaePenalty
  • Added failed physics transitions to the warning log
  • Added Sedgemail Leather Armor weenies, using PCAP and data
  • Added Haebrean armor pieces that are set to base AL of Platemail, being of similar material composition
  • Added PortalSummonLoc to Bur Lizk
  • Added elemental hatchets for summoned Undead minions
  • Added support for HomeRadius
  • Added Casting motion back to Vendors that have VendorServices
  • Added IsBusy state while dying
  • Added support for AdminEnvirons
  • Wired up support commands setlbenviron and setglobalenviron
    • setglobalenviron operates exactly as seen in retail worlds, in that it affects all players globally throughout the world
    • setlbenviron localizes effect to landblock and immediate adjacent landblocks for area-based events
  • Updated the PK altar MinimumTimeSincePk from 3 hours to 15 minutes to match end of retail
  • Updated logging with some missing tags.
  • Updated Aetheria and how ProcSpell is displayed for SpellBook
  • Updated [Fellow]PortalSending code to magic retail messaging
  • Updated Hooks to allow them to be accessible by roommates (characters on same account as house owner)
  • Updated TakeItems msg to match retail messaging and support “Take All”
  • Updated some quest weenies related to Hamud’s Demise quest
  • Updated Steel Chest with Clouded Soul scroll
  • Updated Guards for Clutch of Kings quest
  • Updated IOU handling code
  • Updated AttributeMod for finesse weapons
  • Updated salvaging output formula to match retail
  • Updated AddCharacterTitle statements to add missing titles and annotations
  • Updated Vile Scourge, Fist of Massacre, Vein-Thirst Kukri, and Yaja’s Reach for MoA
  • Updated Steel and Covenant Armor
  • Updated Tome of Blood and Bone
  • Updated PreCheckItem to be more specific about inventory/container slots
  • Updated ManaStone objects use message
  • Updated Facility Hub spawn map
  • Updated spell messages to match retail
  • Updated /god command serializer for better type handling
  • Updated drop location for several recall spells to match end of retail
  • Updated several misc Advocate systems
  • Updated Dark Tree Crystal Mine to MinLevel 100
  • Updated Scarlet Red Letters and sentries
  • Updated more logging relating to corpses for history tracking.
  • Updated start-server netcore version
  • Updated PK deaths to only go temporarily NPK from PK battles
  • Updated some properties for Armor Middle Reduction Tool
  • Updated TickOutbound back to parallel
  • Updated WEENIE_MAX wcid limit for custom content creators
  • Updated AuthenticationHandler to boot oldest connection to account when new one connects with valid login/password
  • Fixed / refactored clothing loot generator
  • Fixed the loot generator GetWield() method for magic casters
  • Fixed Aura of Infected Spirit Caress spell category / stacking
  • Fixed issue with Nekodes being created as LightWeapons, should have been Katars
  • Fixed crash with Pickup and Wield
  • Fixed issue with selling 0 value items to NPCs
  • Fixed an issue with thrown goblets
  • Fixed missing PropertyInt 159 on Squalid Leggings
  • Fixed issue CoinValue client desync
  • Fixed broken Kill Task quests
  • Fixed a possible null exception with RestrictionDB
  • Fixed a possible crash with Aetheria
  • Fixed some gaps for swapping weapons after launching a projectile
  • Fixed issue with invisible hooks on relinks (buy/abandon): bool/physicsstate mis-matches
  • Fixed issue with RDB on house buy: missing InstanceIID update
  • Fixed issue with logging into open houses: missing IsOpen check
  • Fixed some teleport issues
  • Fixed some reported issues with the visual display of different layered armor
  • Fixed some minor housing issues
  • Fixed stiletto animations
  • Fixed issue with UnlimitedUse ManaStones
  • Fixed issue with IsDecayable and TimeToRot
  • Fixed data desync issue with BiotaPropertiesSpellBook Probability
  • Fixed issue with encounter overrides not applying to cached value
  • Fixed an issue with Tenacity/Blight
  • Fixed casting gesture for built-in weapon spells
  • Fixed issue with EventIsPKWorld
  • Fixed GetDamageType() for UAC low power attacks
  • Fixed monster location desync after MoveHome()
  • Fixed untrained message for skill temple
  • Fixed some issues with item spells redirecting to unenchantable targets
  • Fixed various vital enchantment calc errors
  • Fixed mana on PathWarden Trinket
  • Fixed landblock monitors
  • Fixed issue with creatures dropping their wieldables to corpses
  • Fixed some bugs with Pickup and Wield
  • Fixed issue with accounts that own monarch-only housing to now allow the other characters to swear allegiance
  • Fixed a possible array out of bounds exception in LootGenerationFactory_Magic.cs that could happen with tier 8
  • Fixed some issues with teleporting

4 thoughts on “ACEmulator Monthly Report – August 1, 2019 – September 1, 2019”

  1. Your fine folks are doing an awesome job keeping the memory alive. Is there any chance you can write up a step by step instruction manual/guide for those of us that want to host the game on our own server? I’ve tried a dozen times but can’t get it to work.

    Regardless, you guys are awesome! Thanks!!!

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