Meet Our Newest App, ACViewer

ACViewer is currently a work-in-progress, multipurpose DAT file viewer for Asheron’s Call portal and cell DAT files.

With this tool today, you can view many of the objects contained within those files, including object models, particle effects, textures, images, sound files, and landblocks which include over-world landscape and dungeons.

The above pictures represent only a sample of what you can view with this application right now and there are plans for many more features to come. Eventually moving towards DAT modification and even a full-on WorldBuilder like functionally for new content development!

Click Here to download ACViewer! 

Visit the GitHub website to download this tool and explore Dereth in new ways today! You can also click on the Discord link to the left to keep up with our changes to this new app as well as our other projects. Progress is made nearly every day on all things Asheron’s Call emulation.

Stay tuned for future announcements about our first downloadable releases of ACEmulator server software, in addition to the source code repo downloads!

7 thoughts on “Meet Our Newest App, ACViewer”

  1. First off, awesome tool. Second, you said “today” twice in one sentence and it really made the delivery sound like egregious salesmanship. Third, thanks for the awesome tool. Fourth, this is why English degrees have a smidge of actual value. Fifth, good day, sir, and thanks for the awesome tool.

    1. To be fair, egregious can technically mean both shockingly bad and remarkably good. Although either way, I am pretty excited what the future holds for ACEmulator and ACViewer as I know I will be throwing so many hours of my life at it!

  2. I don’t know how you guys do what you do but I absolutely love it.
    You are legit wizards and we’re very lucky to have you.

  3. After being in AC, since beta forward, for all the years except approximately 6.5 of them, THANK YOU, for all involved with ACE and it’s development. I am a noob when it comes to what all of you do and to the game itself in a lot of ways. However no game is better than this one and no effort greater than all those involved. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and let us give thanks to AC and all that it has given us.

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