ACEmulator Monthly Report – December 1, 2018 – January 1, 2019

ACEmulator / ACE:
5 authors have pushed 85 commits to master
312 files have changed
11,064 additions
4,275 deletions
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Notable Changes:

  • The emulator now has 100% of the player skills available!
  • Added complete Summoning player skill system!
  • Added full set of Essences. These are currently linking to existing monsters in the game
  • Added support for monsters fighting other monsters
  • Added support for different aggro profiles for mobs
  • Added ACE.Adapter project for supporting Lifestoned json data importing
  • Adding initial reload animation to atlatl combat
  • Upgraded RecipeManager, added Tinkering and Imbues to crafting system
  • Adding house portals / dungeons
  • Added support for mansions
  • Updated food consumables for spellcasting
  • Improved healing other target distances and animations
  • Improved item spell handling for NPKs and monsters
  • Added skill checks for assess person / creature
  • Added support for monsters using multistrike weapons (properly)
  • Removed EdgeSlide property from monsters. Now they will jump down from ledges to chase the player
  • Added complete PKLite system
  • Added config option for PK-only servers
  • Server admins can change the PK status of the server via /modifybool pk_server true|false
  • Added hollow weapons, and unenchantable items
  • Added house guest and storage permissions, open/closed, hook visibility, and boot system
  • Improved monster AI for ranged spellcasting and sending alerts to nearby friends
  • Monsters will now return to their starting positions if they wander too far away from home
  • Added ‘Aura Other’ spells to 16PY-Patches
  • Updated LootGenerationFactory with item updates
  • Improved per-animation attack frame timing for players and monsters
  • Added lifestone protection system
  • Added instant updates to player health bar changes for selected target
  • Adding sticky melee distance to charge attacks
  • Added full PVP damage formulas / calculations for physical combat
  • Improved corpse system, added /corpse, /permit, /consent
  • Improved corpse looting permissions system – now adds player /permits
  • Improved housing system
  • Improved /tele <mapcoords> and minimap click teleporting
  • Added SetMaxVitals to Player on level up
  • Updated LootGenerationFactory for standardized RNG methods
  • Improved resiliency for Command parser
  • Added melee charging attacks
  • Added CreateList to monster inventories
  • Adjusted IsExhausted attack penalty to minimum power/accuracy bar, as per retail
  • Re-adding physics initial update system
  • Omitting spellbook from creature appraisal. This should avoid a lot of the spam with certain decal plugins
  • Added spell component burning system
  • Improved graceful handling for logout and session drops
  • Improved network architecture for WAN connections
  • Improved network security by using CRNG init vectors for the CRC stream ciphers
  • Improved player logout, save, and session drop flows
  • Fixing heritage group skill cost overrides during character creation
  • Performance improvements from profiling
  • Various improvements resulting from excessive load testing
  • Added RNG treasure generation for loot chests
  • Added PlayerManager architecture. This manages both online and offline players, and enables various subsystems to access data for offline players in a consistent manner
  • Integrated Friends and Allegiance system with new PlayerManager
  • Updated DATLoader to use base DatDatabase for loading Highres and Language data
  • Improved DAT loader performance and memory usage


  • Fixed an issue with /telepoi command
  • Fixed PK death message broadcasts
  • Fixed a bug where ServerPackets could be built with too many fragments, exceeding the MTU
  • Fixed vendor prices for stacks. Players no longer get ripped off (as much)
  • Fixed a bug where item buffs could be cast on monster-wielded items
  • Fixed a bug where monsters could wield shield with bow equipped
  • Fixed a bug where monsters could slash with non-slash weapons, and pierce with non-pierce weapons
  • Fixed the elusive monster stuck / falling bug
  • Fixed the elusive null position bug, once and for all
  • Fixed some NPCs not returning to default MotionStance
  • Fixed a bug with InboundMessageManager displaying the wrong opcodes for GameActionType
  • Fixed a bug with some enchantments not being registered properly
  • Fixed a bug where monsters were being incorrectly reported as ‘Killed by misadventure.’
  • Fixed a bug with vendors not sending network updates
  • Fixed a bug where server wasn’t reporting back to ThwargLauncher correctly
  • Fixed corpse looting in vtank
  • Fixed various issues with some objects not spawning properly
  • Fixed a bug where Fellowship XP wasn’t being calculated correctly for some distances
  • Fixed a bug where hooks/storage were not immediately available for player
  • Fixed a walk / run movement speed bug in multiplayer
  • Additional bug fixes for some objects not spawning in indoor environments

2 thoughts on “ACEmulator Monthly Report – December 1, 2018 – January 1, 2019”

    1. It’s certainly playable but there’s still a lot to do. You’ll need to compile the server yourself right now to be able to play, but we’ll eventually have releases that make it easy.

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