ACEmulator Monthly Report – January 1, 2019 – February 1, 2019

ACEmulator / ACE:
5 authors have pushed 127 commits to master
366 files have changed
44,716 additions
9,061 deletions
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Notable Changes:

  • Completed the remainder of the Training Academy! This includes quests, special vendor, NPCs, and granted items.
  • Added remaining Allegiance features:
    • TeleToMansion
    • Allegiance chat channels
    • Allegiance mansion / villa permissions
    • Bindstones
    • Allegiance names
    • Allegiance officers / titles
    • Allegiance message of the day
  •  Major Inventory Refactor
  • Updated EmoteManager to support Kill Task type quests
  • Added all of the Epic/Legendary cantrip spells
  • Added messages for unaffected PK targets
  • Added shop generators for vendor
  • Improved enchantment layering, and refreshing for item spells
  • Improved cooldown interface
  • Added heritage damage ratings
  • Added TOD spells: Augmented Understanding, Facility Hub Recall
  • Added FailProgressCount support for monster logic
  • Added cooldown enchantments
  • Added /hslist (housetype) to show list of available houses.
  • Improved generator heartbeats
  • Removed Burden field from portal appraisal
  • Added Shade/Palette to Vendor ItemProfiles
  • Improved corpse looting permissions data storage
  • Allow rot for generated items
  • Ensure monsters spawn on walkable slopes
  • Improved scatter generators
  • Added support for swapping dual weapons between hands
  • Improved handling of unknown spell ids
  • Separated out magical, non magical, and mundane items from loot generation.
  • Corrected some quest items that were appearing in random loot.
  • Corrected Spells ID’s in spell tables.
  • Updated chests so that it would cast their spell if they have a spell DID.
  • Added falling impact damage
  • Added text message for mana pool usage
  • Added player movement checks for spellcasting
  • Added scribing abilities
  • Added monster targeting tactics
  • Improved chest generators
  • Improved built-in spells for casters
  • Refactored the core object ticking architecture for improved performance
  • Updated EmoteManager for support for TOD data
  • Added LastUnlocker for chests
  • Added dot_duration to spell table
  • Added fellowship spells
  • Added vendor services, and vendors casting spells
  • Added summoned portal ties
  • Added server persistence for spellbook filters
  • Added physics simulation for corpses. This fixes corpses getting stuck in walls
  • Improving portal recall
  • Added /fillcomps persistence to server
  • Added instant vital updates for fellowships
  • Improved allegiance XP passup
  • Added adapters to convert between different data formats (json)
  • Added loot sharing to fellowship system
  • Improved monster navigation between indoors / outdoors
  • Refactored the salvaging system
  • Improved EmoteManager timing
  • Switching to NonCombat when dequipping / swapping ammo
  • Added Pathwarden chests
  • Added gem activation requirements, and cooldowns
  • Added enchantments for Hermetic Link / Void, Spirit Drinker / Loather
  • Added the remaining wield requirement checks
  • Added cantrip imbues
  • Added vendor handling for unsellable items
  • Added max missile range
  • Added proper handling of KillTaunts
  • Added imbues to damage formulas: Critical Strike, Crippling Blow, Armor Rending, Resistance Rending
  • Changed the way recall/summon portal magics work
  • Updated EmoteManager to use TryCastSpell and differentiate between CastSpell (with windup motion) and CastSpellInstant (without windup motion)
  • Updated Portal to process Portal emotes post teleport (successful portal)
  • Added Blackmoor’s Favor gem
  • Updated base Atlan Weapons
  • Added summoning XP, refactoring XP granting for consistency / common methods
  • Added built-in spells to casting items
  • Added handler for EmoteSet.Refuse for NPCs
  • Added LocalBroadcastRange for chat messages
  • Improved monster CombatManeuvers w/ multistrike weapons
  • Porting AllegianceManager to use the new PlayerManager interface
  • Massive cleanup of ObjectGuid usage through the system
  • Improved enchantment layering
  • Removing deception check from assessing NPCs
  • Added handlers for drop/destroy-on-death items
  • Added Buy/Sell/Close vendor emotes
  • Improved monsters returning to home position
  • Updated Readme for additional clarity w/ installation instructions


  • Fixed a bug where many players were crashing around Holtburg / Town Network
  • Fixed Asuger Temple for Elysa’s Favor Quest
  • Fixed prices for vendor trade notes
  • Fixed a bug where Mattekars couldn’t be hit with high attacks
  • Fixed armor coverage in slots inventory
  • Fixed monsters alerting unattackable friends
  • Fixed house permissions w/ basements
  • Fixed a bug where Mattekars couldn’t be hit with high attacks
  • Fixed some issues with auras cast from multiple sources
  • Fixed Oswald’s Dirk Quest
  • Fixed spell projectiles not working in Black Dominion dungeon
  • Fixing monster corpse spawn bug
  • Fixed an issue when trying to pick up a stackable that you already have a partial stack of
  • Fixed an issue with ConsumeFromInventory not consuming 1 item
  • Fixing monsters with thrown weapons and shield
  • Fixed double-linked trapdoor switches

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