ACEmulator Monthly Report – February 1, 2019 – March 1, 2019

ACEmulator / ACE:
5 authors have pushed 77 commits to master
243 files have changed
19,134 additions
16,737 deletions
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Notable Changes:

  • All ToD Updates from Lifestoned are now in
  • Added Linux installation instructions
  • Added house deeds
  • Added house purchase requirements w/ config options
  • Added checks to ensure monsters can damage target
  • Added no-log landblocks
  • Added logic for locked doors openable from behind
  • Added heritage augs
  • Fix wield issue with TwoHanded weapons.
  • Updated item dispel
  • Pack space is checked before selling items at a vendor
  • Improved CoinValue property
  • Improved EncumbranceVal and Value properties
  • Added enchantments for items wielded by monsters / NPCs
  • Updated allegiance rank, config properties
  • Added house maintenance + config options
  • Adjusted augs and slots armor
  • Added magic-absorbing shields
  • Add functionality to support Mana Forge Chests in the LootGenerationFactory
  • Adjusted imbue chance of success
  • Housing permissions sync improvements
  • Added squelches
  • Changed GetMaxDamage() for better scaling of damage levels for tier increases and weapon types
  • Changed GetArmorLevel() to GetArmorLevelModifier() for better scaling of armor increases, based upon the default armor level from the armor item weenie, for loot tier increases
  • Items added to the world via the admin command /create no longer decay
  • Updated ClothingPriority, create list selection
  • Updated CoverageMask
  • Added RNG create lists
  • Landblocks load their resources async again
  • Improved the FindByObject() function to include objects WieldedByOther
  • Added caching to a couple more WorldDB housing functions
  • Cleaned up the WorldObject OnLoad, OnAddItem, OnRemoveItem code and flow
  • Changed GenerateTreasure to check for null DeathTreasure and de-duped generate code so that items weren’t generated twice upon death.
  • Monsters now Destroy() on death, removing them from the database if they persisted (possibly from /create)
  • Added centralized damage calculation function
  • Start refactoring LootGenerationFactory.cs code
  • Add support for spawning Treasure pile corpses when data indicates it should.
  • Enable basic functionality for InqOwnItems in EmoteManager
  • Update EmoteType.DirectBroadcast to support “@You must wait %CDtime to collect the again.”
  • Modify LootGenerationFactory to support the TOD updated weenies
  • Added synchronized ServerObject loading for non-adjacents
  • Improved handling for offline houses
  • Write locks on WorldObject property dictionaries are only taken when the property is actually set
  • Introduce ObjectGuid recycling into ACE
  • Added jsminify for config commenting
  • Added server logic for the remaining player-configurable options
  • Fixed an exception for PropertyManager when requesting the value of a property that didn’t exist in the database
  • Fixed array indexing in LootHelper ( array indexes begin with 0 )
  • Fixed exceptions in LootGenerationFactory
  • Fixed an issue with TOD monsters spawning with low health
  • Fixed Shadow Armor quest
  • Fixed an infinite loop when using a mana stone that didn’t have enough mana to fill up all the items in need
  • Fixed a bug where splitting/merging stacks modified the StackSize in the wrong direction

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