ACEmulator Monthly Report – February 1, 2019 – March 1, 2019

ACEmulator / ACE:
5 authors have pushed 77 commits to master
243 files have changed
19,134 additions
16,737 deletions
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Notable Changes:

  • All ToD Updates from Lifestoned are now in
  • Added Linux installation instructions
  • Added house deeds
  • Added house purchase requirements w/ config options
  • Added checks to ensure monsters can damage target
  • Added no-log landblocks
  • Added logic for locked doors openable from behind
  • Added heritage augs
  • Fix wield issue with TwoHanded weapons.
  • Updated item dispel
  • Pack space is checked before selling items at a vendor
  • Improved CoinValue property
  • Improved EncumbranceVal and Value properties
  • Added enchantments for items wielded by monsters / NPCs
  • Updated allegiance rank, config properties
  • Added house maintenance + config options
  • Adjusted augs and slots armor
  • Added magic-absorbing shields
  • Add functionality to support Mana Forge Chests in the LootGenerationFactory
  • Adjusted imbue chance of success
  • Housing permissions sync improvements
  • Added squelches
  • Changed GetMaxDamage() for better scaling of damage levels for tier increases and weapon types
  • Changed GetArmorLevel() to GetArmorLevelModifier() for better scaling of armor increases, based upon the default armor level from the armor item weenie, for loot tier increases
  • Items added to the world via the admin command /create no longer decay
  • Updated ClothingPriority, create list selection
  • Updated CoverageMask
  • Added RNG create lists
  • Landblocks load their resources async again
  • Improved the FindByObject() function to include objects WieldedByOther
  • Added caching to a couple more WorldDB housing functions
  • Cleaned up the WorldObject OnLoad, OnAddItem, OnRemoveItem code and flow
  • Changed GenerateTreasure to check for null DeathTreasure and de-duped generate code so that items weren’t generated twice upon death.
  • Monsters now Destroy() on death, removing them from the database if they persisted (possibly from /create)
  • Added centralized damage calculation function
  • Start refactoring LootGenerationFactory.cs code
  • Add support for spawning Treasure pile corpses when data indicates it should.
  • Enable basic functionality for InqOwnItems in EmoteManager
  • Update EmoteType.DirectBroadcast to support “@You must wait %CDtime to collect the again.”
  • Modify LootGenerationFactory to support the TOD updated weenies
  • Added synchronized ServerObject loading for non-adjacents
  • Improved handling for offline houses
  • Write locks on WorldObject property dictionaries are only taken when the property is actually set
  • Introduce ObjectGuid recycling into ACE
  • Added jsminify for config commenting
  • Added server logic for the remaining player-configurable options
  • Fixed an exception for PropertyManager when requesting the value of a property that didn’t exist in the database
  • Fixed array indexing in LootHelper ( array indexes begin with 0 )
  • Fixed exceptions in LootGenerationFactory
  • Fixed an issue with TOD monsters spawning with low health
  • Fixed Shadow Armor quest
  • Fixed an infinite loop when using a mana stone that didn’t have enough mana to fill up all the items in need
  • Fixed a bug where splitting/merging stacks modified the StackSize in the wrong direction

2 thoughts on “ACEmulator Monthly Report – February 1, 2019 – March 1, 2019”

    1. There is very little data to go on for an AC2 emu to be viable. Maybe in the future some enterprising individuals will take it upon themselves to recreate it as best they can remember, but right now the main focus is definitely on AC1.

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