ACEmulator Monthly Report – March 1, 2019 – April 1, 2019

ACEmulator / ACE:
7 authors have pushed 131 commits to master
253 files have changed
22,358 additions
3,479 deletions
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Notable Changes:

  • Added Chess. Much thanks and credit to Anahera for originally authoring this code!
  • Added Tailoring. Much thanks and credit to Phenyl for originally authoring this code!
  • Added support for Asherons’s Benediction and Augmented Understanding
  • Added support for Aetheria
  • Added support for Luminance augs
  • Added support for Enlightenment
  • Added preliminary content for Friend and Foe monthly patch
  • Added landblock spawns from Friend and Foe patch
  • Updated monster corpse looting permissions – after the top damager finishes looting, other players may loot
  • The fellowship ‘disband’ button when clicked by non-leaders no longer acts as a ‘leave’ button, as per retail
  • Added option to enable/disable DoT messages
  • Updated PKLite messages to match retail
  • Improved jump with low stamina
  • Updated War Magic spell projectile and resisted messages to match retail exactly (this was causing a delay in vtank between spellcasts)
  • Added Monarch/Patron/Vassal prefixes to allegiance login messages, updated colors
  • Added support for Encapsulated Spirit
  • Added alternate currency for vendors
  • Appraised items on housing hooks now show the details on the hooked item.
  • Ensure monsters have a targeting tactic
  • Updating burden from ammo / spell component usage
  • Support AdvocateItem changing/updating Radar Blip Color in similar fashion to retail servers.
  • Improved handling for edge cases for refreshing spells w/ augs
  • Additional ratings added to appraisal panel
  • Updated spell info, added spells for item sets
  • Added spell procs / cast on strike
  • Added support for item leveling
  • More visual updates for dye recipes
  • Updated barber shop
  • Additional checks for built-in weapon spells
  • Added rare timers
  • Added fellowship names to player appraisal panel
  • Ensure prior container is closed before opening a new one
  • Added Natural Resistances for players
  • Adjusted trained skill check for reading magic scrolls
  • Added the ability for player to use all Augmentation Gems
  • Cleaned up welcome message / server mtod
  • Added RNG ratings to Summoning essences
  • Disabled the portal messages to match retail
  • Added Void Magic scrolls and Summoning essences to loot generator
  • Added support for Magic Professors
  • Updated spellcasting / healing movement check messages to match retail
  • Updated salvaging result message


  • Network stability:
    fixed bug causing disconnects due to NAK requests being ignored.
    fixed bug causing session to enter an unspecified state after connect request packet sent to the client is corrupted in transit
    fixed bug during handshake causing defunct session to linger
    fixed bug whenever a bad handshake occurs causing crash
    added asynchronous verification of encrypted CRCs
    added checksum caching to ClientPacket
    added handling of trusted packet with ClientSentNetErrorDisconnect flag
    added parsing of optional “flow” header data
    added more network logging
    removed “generational ISAAC” debugging tools


  • Improved allegiance data sync
  • Added IsBusy checks to healing and recipe crafting for vtank
  • Change action that occurs for selling items to vendors so they appear in the buy window if they aren’t destroyed on sell.
  • Prevent selling objects (via drag-drop on vendor) that vendor doesn’t accept in its MerchandiseItemTypes field. These same items would red-circle using traditional drop into panel method.
  • Set minimum for hotspot cycles. Prevents hotspot of doom (HotspotCycleTime == 0)
  • Added /teledungeon command for Sentinels / Admins
  • Additional fixes for decal crashes when entering Portals, and around Holtburg
  • Added IOUs for EmoteType.Give w/ missing wcids
  • Emote skill check: ranks -> current
  • Updated Active flag and chest logic
  • Improved spell duration logic
  • Update Logout to include server population and limits when character list is resent.
  • Updated @acehelp and @acecommands to not be individual messages, so not to be broken up by other chat spew.
  • Added @pop command — Tells you how many players are online.
  • Added @telereturn — Teleport a character to their previous position saved when using @teletome.
  • Added @watchmen command — Displays accounts of a specific access level.
  • Added @finger command — Displays information about a character and/or account.
  • Better organization and restructuring for -Patches folders (now grouped by date)
  • Additional error messages for allegiance swearing
  • Added local broadcast range to spell words
  • Revised indoor fellowship distances
  • Continued refactoring of HandleUseOnTarget
  • Exclude Burden in CreateObject messages for Creatures.
  • Update Player Description Event to reflect WeenieType and HasHealth accurately and not hard-coded values.
  • AddWorldObjectInternal fix
  • Changed TrackObject to only send Selectable child objects wielded by their parents (No more oversending of everyone’s complete equipables)
  • Improved ‘out of missile ammo’ animation state / feedback
  • More consistency for create lists and moving items to corpses
  • Consolidated pyreals in death messages, added corpse_destroy_pyreals server option (defaults to true / end of retail)
  • Added some missing types / info to login
  • Enqueue action message cleanup
  • Cleaned up UseWithTarget and GameMessageInventoryRemoveObject
  • Changed the way Name property is handled with regards to + (Admin/Sentinel characters)
  • Set up basic path to support replicating accesslevel changes on to existing characters
  • Added @pk command
  • Revise @cloak command
  • Loot Generator refactoring / organizing
  • Added LanguageInfo to DatLoader (0x41 in client_local_English.dat)
  • Added improved feedback when issuing invalid console commands or using incorrect syntax
  • Exclude GamePiece from saving to Shard DB
  • Corrected DatDatabaseType values
  • Changed account authentication to use BCrypt
  • Added configurable BCrypt WorkFactor for password hashing
  • Update Shard DB Enchantment Registry composite key
  • Additional null checks for allegiances and fellowships
  • Added passwd and set-accountpassword commands for self-service password changing and admin-only override password changes
  • Added migration coding to support migrating from previous SHA512 Hash/Salt method to BCrypt
  • Script for Updating Auth database added to default passwords to BCrypt
  • Added /teletome command for admins
  • Added substates to initial player broadcasts
  • Added system for reusing dynamic guids. The database is now queried for guid fragmentation on startup, with support for recycling guids during the game


  • Fixed some issues with CombatPet aggro
  • Fixed a bug with vitae not expiring
  • Fixed a salvaging bug with Green Garnet and Mahogany items
  • Fixed Gear Knights being literal buttheads. (Their abdomen was being swapped with their heads)
  • Fixed CharGen issue for Dual Wield characters. 2x Melee Weapons are created if Dual Wield is trained or specialized
  • Fixed a bug where crafting components were being removed from the shortcut bar on usage
  • Fixed a bug where players could cast spells from inside portal space
  • Fixed Holtburg sentries running in circles
  • Fixed chests stuck in open state
  • Fixed Cow Tipping Quest
  • Fixed scroll usage in vtank
  • Fixed a bug with items in chests sometimes appearing incorrectly in client
  • Fixed an outdoor->indoor visibility bug
  • Fixed a bug with run backwards state / jump frozen bug
  • Fixed a bug with spell trap durations
  • Fixed a bug where enchantments from items were being cleared on death
  • Fixed vendors to handle 0 value items properly in buy/sell
  • Fixed an invisible player bug when players re-enter visibility to an unmoving player
  • Fixed a bug with dropping items from scatter generators


To contribute to bug reports or simply check out the progress, log in to Coldeve via Thwarglauncher.

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